Remecioara is a locality situated in Maramureș county, with a population of 251 inhabitants.



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GPS Coordinates:
47.51417 N, 23.56097 E

Remecioara belonged to the town of Chioar. Then the village was above, only after the road was finished people began to move here. The beautiful village is crossed by all who want to reach the valley of Lapus, on this side. 36 meters long Lapus gorge is the paradise of rafting lovers.

Remecioara, Sights

Wooden church Mircea lake Lapus gorge Pisatoarea waterfall Remecioara , Photo: Ciprian Todea Remecioara , Photo: WR
Remecioara , Photo: Ciprian Todea Remecioara, Wooden church, Photo: WR Remecioara , Photo: Hám Péter Remecioara , Photo: Ciprian Todea Lăpuș gorge, Photo: Paul Rad Remecioara, Wooden church, Photo: WR

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