Vidra is a locality situated in Alba county, with a population of 43 inhabitants.


Vidra - Pensions in Vidra

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Accomodation Vidra, Pension Vidra de Sus Vidra de Sus

Nr. of rooms: 5

Nr. of space: 10

Price to room

From: 50,00 Lei

Accomodation Vidra, Pension Valea Morii Valea Morii

No. of rooms: 4

No. of beds: 8


From: 15,00 Eur

Accomodation Vidra, Pension La Becu La Becu

No. of rooms: 10

No. of beds: 20


From: 50,00 Lei

Accomodation Vidra, Cabana Cascada Bianca house

No. of rooms: 7

No. of beds: 14


From: 35,00 Lei

Accomodation Vidra, Cabana Cascada Cabana Cascada

No. of rooms: 5

No. of beds: 12


From: 40,00 Lei

Accomodation Vidra, Iancu house Iancu house

No. of rooms: 2+4 ap

No. of beds: 13+8


From: 100 Lei

Cabana Cascada, Pension Craiul Craiul

No. of rooms: 8

No. of beds: 18


From: 75,00 Lei

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