Beiuș is a locality situated in Bihor county, with a population of 10298 inhabitants.



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GPS Coordinates:
46.66789 N, 22.34888 E

Beius is one of the oldest settlements of Bihor. The documents prove that also the devastating Tartar crusades of 1241-46 intrinsically swept off the settlement placed in the basin of the Crisul Negru. In the XVIII century it was already characterized by flourishing agriculture and commercial life. In the number of the surrounding's habitants was beloved the Bins fair. In 1828 Samuil Vulcan established the first collage what with the instruction of the future generation and with its patriotic education created a clack-coat class, what undoubtedly contributed in the evolution of the settlement. Beiusi maintained its regional leading place up to now. It grew cultural, economic and commercial center. In 1995-1996 it was discovered in a depth of 2576 m water of 81 Celsius degrees. Since 2001 the houses have use the water for heating but other use of it hasn't been realized yet. In 1996 firstly in Romania it was founded in Beius the Habitat for Humanity organization what up to now have built 100 homes for the coming upon families with the help of foreign donations and volunteers.

Beiuș Beiuș
Beiuș Beiuș Beiuș Beiuș Beiuș Beiuș Beiuș Beiuș

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