Săcele is a locality situated in Brașov county, with a population of 30798 inhabitants.



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GPS Coordinates:
45.61522 N, 25.68898 E

Săcele is a real tourist paradise. Lovers of winter sports can choose between three medium difficult ski runs (Pârtia Baciului, Pârtia Bârsei and Plaiul Mocanilor) and the only ski jump in the country is also here. Kitefliers can delight in a wonderful terrain, and mountaineers have many trails to cover. Archeologist also work in the area on a sensational finding, they seem to have descovered the remaining of a castle from the Dacian-era. The settlement is mentioned in documents dating from the XV century. The earliest settlers were well-to-do shepherds. They were the composers of the famous Romanian folksongs, know as doinas, and they also played a role in the evolvment of the church. In 1975 a 45m high barrage was built on the Tărlung river storing 18,3 cubicm of water. The lake covers 148 hectares.

Săcele Seven Stairs Canyon, Photo: Hetei Gábor
Săcele Săcele Săcele Săcele Săcele, The lake Săcele , Photo: Diana Mayfield Săcele, The lake

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