Fagaras Mountains are the largest and highest mountains of the Southern Carpathians.

Hiking trails, Făgăraș

Făgăraș mountain

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The enourmous chain of Fagaras is more than 70 air kms, its width is over 40 kms. Eight of the fourteen peaks above 2500m in Romania are among its peaks and crests. They are: Moldoveanu (2544m), Negoiu (2535m), Viștea Mare (2527m), Lespezi (2522m), Cornu Călțunului (2510m), Vânătoarea lui Buteanu (2507m), Hârtopu (2506m) and Dara (2500m.) There are another 42 peaks between the heights of 2400 and 2500m. To continue the list of outstanding data: this is the location of the most dense water network in the country exceeding the values of 0.8km/skm. The highest lake is in the Hărtopul Leaotei glacial valley. Mioarelor is at 2282 m. The largest lake is Bâlea, encompassing 4.65 has. The deepest glacial lake is Podragu, 15.5 m deep. The climate is severe with sub polar traits. Temperature is in inverse proportions to height. The annual average is -2 Celsius centigrade, ranging between +20 and -38 centigrades. A clear blue sky is a rare sight. The mountain makes its own clouds. This is the place with the highest amount of rainfall, reaching an annual 1400 mm. In the winter avalanches are frequent, blocking even the transfagaras highway, which dates back to 1974. However, this is the only place where we can watch the enchanting cascades of surging fog, which make the heights endless, enwrap the rocks in a mysterious contour, and then in an unexpectedly open a window on the world below, where the ivy green meadows are bathed in sunshine. Tourist lodges keep popping up and disappearing as time passes by. However, all of them are checkpoints in trails. So even if some of them disappeared the place is still named after them. And one more thing: it is always difficult to decide how to tour these mountains: from one tourist lodge to the other or simply carry along everything we might need. Tourist lodges are at a1500m distance from each other, but, backpacks can be really heavy. Whichever you choose it must be done. You should not miss out on the unforgettable experience Fagaras offers you.

Podul Giurgiului, Photo: Răzvan Sabău Moldoveanu-Vistea Mare, Photo: Ștefan Pușcașu
Portița Viștei Mari On the Moldoveanu peak, Photo: Marian Anghel Negoiu peak Portița Avrigului, Photo: Pawel Pontek Custura Sărății Avrig lake, Photo: Wilhelm Scherz Ice cottage at Bâlea Lake, Photo: Răzvan Sabău Struga Dracului, Photo: Ștefan Pușcașu Bâlea waterfall
Transfăgărășan, Photo: Răzvan Sabău Serbota peak, Photo: Sorin Rechițan Căldarea Caprei, Photo: Răzvan Sabău Paltinului vale, Photo: Ștefan Pușcașu View from Moldoveanu

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