Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.


Accommodations in Oradea

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Inn Góbé Inn Góbé

Nr. of rooms: 8+2 ap

Nr. of space: 30

From centre 1000m

From: 35,00 EUR

Pension Lan Pension Lan

Nr. of rooms: 40

Nr. of space: 84

From centre 1500m

From: 19,00 EUR

Hotel Elite Hotel Elite

Nr. of rooms: 30

Nr. of space: 54

From centre 600m

From: 265 Lei

Hotel Melody Hotel Melody

Nr. of rooms: 21+1 ap

Nr. of space: 48

From centre 1500m

From: 179 Lei

Pension Magic Pension Magic

Nr. of rooms: 18

Nr. of space: 54

From centre 1600m

From: 75 Lei

Pension Rozeclas Rozeclas

Nr. of rooms: 15+1ap

Nr. of space: 45

From centre 5.8 km

From: 70 Lei

Pension Rozeclas Sunshine villa

Nr. of rooms: 3

Nr. of space: 6

From centre 3.5 km

From: 80 Lei

Hotel Corola Hotel Corola

Nr. of rooms: 12+2 ap

Nr. of space: 32

From centre 1500m

From: 180 Lei

Hotel Nevis Hotel Nevis

Nr. of rooms: 21+3ap.

Nr. of space: 50

From centre 1000m

From: 190 Lei

Hotel Class Hotel Class

Nr. of rooms: 5+ 5 ap.

Nr. of space: 60

From centre 1000m

From: 180 Lei

Hotel Maxim Hotel Maxim

Nr. of rooms: 37+2ap.

Nr. of space: 78

From centre 0 m

From: 200 Lei

Hotel Carnival Hotel Carnival

Nr. of rooms: 15

Nr. of space: 34

From centre 1400

From: 29 EUR

Hotel Eden Hotel Eden

Nr. of rooms: 20

Nr. of space: 40

From centre 1000m

From: 200 Lei

Hotel Terra Hotel Terra

Nr. of rooms: 21

Nr. of space: 42

From centre 1500m

From: 37 EUR

Casa BIM Casa BIM

Nr. of rooms: 6

Nr. of space: 12

From centre 1000m

From: 150 Lei

PIHE hostel PIHE hostel

Nr. of rooms: 3

Nr. of space: 15

From centre 400m

From: 20,00 Lei

Robinson Country Robinson Country

Nr. of rooms: 5

Nr. of space: 10

From centre 600m

From: 34,00 Lei

* The price is for a room. *

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