Retezat Mountains are located in the western of the South Carpathians, being known by varied flora and myriad lakes.


Gura Apei - Bucura Lake

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GPS Coordinates:
45.33476 N, 22.76510 E

Duration: 10 - 11 h
Length: 20 km
Height difference: +1590 m / -550 m
Note: Dangerous in the winter
Gura Apei, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe Gura Apei, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe
Gura Apei, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe Gura Apelor lake, Photo: Felszegi Elemér Gura Apelor lake, Photo: Emilia Bota Zănoaga lake, Photo: Cosmin Manci Zănoaga lake, Photo: Gianina Stepan

The blue-crossed route starts from the Gura Apei from the river Lapusnicu Mare and starts climbing on the serpentines cut on the foot of the mountain Zlata, up to the upper limit of the forest. We pass by the juniper of the Zlata sheepfold, and we climb the summits. We head over to the south of Zlata peak, after which Pârgu Radeșului, and after about 4 hours from Gura Apei we reach the plateau Radeș-Zlata, where we meet

Gura Zlata - Zănoaga Lake Zănoaga lake, Photo: Radu Dârlea Zănoaga lake, Photo: Radu Dârlea Zănoaga lake, Photo: Radu Dârlea

Following the two markings we reach the southern shore of Lake Zanoaga (1995 m). This is where the red triangle leaves us. We descend to the left of the Zanoaga valley until its confluence with the Judele brook. From here begins a rough uphill until the Crucea Trăsnitului Here we meet with

Berhinei glade - Bucura Lake To the Zănoaga lake, Photo: Alin Ivașcu
Zănoaga lake, Photo: Radu Dârlea By juniper, Photo: Radu Dârlea By juniper, Photo: Radu Dârlea

The three markings are maintained in the middle of the Slavei ridge. Avoid the Clince peak and get to Voileasa plateau. We cross an area with lake and spring and approach the ridge line, near the peak Dosu Slăveiului (2344 m). We cross a small plateau and get to the saddle of La Pintenul Slăveiului, which is above the Bucura valley, which houses 16 lakes. From the saddle we descend to a spring, pass a rocky area, cross the stream Ana, and we reach Lake Bucura. From here starts:

Bucura Lake-Câmpul lui Neag Bucura - Judele - Zănoaga Bucura Lake - Retezat peak Bucura Lake - Custura peak Berhinei glade - Bucura Lake Pietrele - Bucura Lake Slăveiu ridge, Photo: Nicolae Șerban Părău Slăveiu ridge, Photo: Anghel Nichi Bucura peak and lake, Photo: Dragoș Lică View below the Slăvei, Photo: Florin Hălăștăuan To the Bucura lake, Photo: Alin Ivașcu Bucura lake, Photo: Dragoș Lică
Bucura lake, Photo: Gianina Stepan Bucura lake, Photo: Mircea Vergheleț Bucura lake, Photo: Gianina Stepan

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