Sibiu is the capital city of Sibiu County and has 147.226 inhabitants.


Sibiu, Franz Binder Museum

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In Romania Franz Binder was the establisher of the outside Europe ethnography gallery. He was a known businessman, who lived 10 years in Egypt and in 1857 he was pointed the acting consul of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. In 1862 he gave to the museum a 500 piece collection, which he collected from the tribes living near the river Nil. The neo-Gothic building, the former handicraftsman house (Burger- und Gewerbeverein-Haus) was built between 1865-1867. It was once a club, then a library, apprentice school, exhibit place of the handicraftsman products and in 1989 after renovation it became a museum. Currently there are 3000 exhibited pieces which came from North-Africa, from the headspring of the Nil, China, Japan, Oceania, Asia Minor, Brasilia, Lapland and Australia. These pieces belong to the old or new collection depending on whether they were collected and got to the museum before or after 1990.

Sibiu european capital of culture 2007 Franz Binder Museum, Sibiu·
Franz Binder Museum, Sibiu· Franz Binder Museum Franz Binder (1824-1875) Franz Binder Museum, War wristlet from the middle African Niam-Niam tribe. Franz Binder Museum, War hatchet, Middle African Niam-Niam tribe, Franz Binder, 1862. Franz Binder Museum, plakett, amely valószínüleg a hajdanán itt állt ház tulajdonosát jelöli. Franz Binder Museum, Zairi fa utazóláda, Cătălin és Violeta Rang, 1970. Franz Binder Museum, Nogarra Dobok, Sudan. Franz Binder 1862. Franz Binder Museum.  A more then 2000 year old sarcophagus, the mummy is probably a rich high ranked Egyptian male.
Franz Binder Museum, Hermann von Hannenheim konsul, donation, 1970.

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