Timișoara is the capital city of Timiș County and has 319.279 inhabitants.

Sights, Timișoara

Interactive map of Timisoara - center

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Timișoara, Interactive Map of Sights Fountain with Fish The Romano-Catholic Dome Lloyd palace The Serb Cathedral The Serb Orthodox Episcopal Palace Înălțarea Sfintei Cruci Piarist Church Saint Ecaterina Church House with Atlanti Discount Bank Emmer house The Military Casino The Huniazilor Castle Baroc Palace The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dauerbach palace Dejan palace Hilt-Vogel palace Löffler palace Marbl palace Neuhausz palace Széchenyi palace Weiss palace The old City house Statue of St. Mary Union Square fountain Brück house The Art museum Guilds Tree Guilds Tree House to the axis of iron Dicasterial palace Mercy house School Piarist Synagogue Citadel Church of the Order of Mercy, Greek Catholic Church Carmen Sylva High School Maria Theresia Bastion Palace of Culture, Theater and Opera Museum of Banat Franciscan Monastery The Evangelical Lutheran Church Lenau High School The Roman Catholic bishop Academic library, Ormos house Botanic park Roses park Metropolitan Cathedral Loga High School Timișoara, Interactive Map of Sights

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