Ineu is a locality situated in Arad county, with a population of 8377 inhabitants.



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46.42622 N, 21.84004 E

In the documents from 1295 it is written about a fortress from the Romanian principality. The fortress plays an important role from the moment of Transylvania's foundation as autonomic principality. In 1566 is occupied by the Turks as long as in 1596 it's retaken by the Transylvanian troops leaded by Borbely Gyorgy. Since 1599 as a result of the victory from Selimbar the fortress had gotten under the domination of Mihai Viteazul. Since 1645 under the leading of Gavril Haller it was turned to the modernization of the fortress. In 1658 lack of a strong defense caused the reoccupy by the Turks as its direct consequence Rákóczi György II count of Transylvania ordered the execution at Oradea of the then conductors of the fortress. The Turks occupancy continued until 1683, The building had two parts: the interior fortress, existing today as well having its shape of square with circular tiered bastions and stone walls in square shape with bastions at its corners that is situated at some hundreds of meters. From these only the ruins form the side of the Crisul Alb is visible in present as well in the schoolyard. Over the walls there were water fortifications.

In the XVI-XVII century here was a seat of the orthodox bishop. The Orthodox Church built in the period 1861-1864 has a collection of objects from that time. Here is kept also those pictures that were taken here from an old, demolished church but here are other valuable pictures as well and a richly decorated icostas having gold-plated sculptures.

Ineu, Ineu
Ineu, Ineu Ineu, Ineu Ineu, Ineu

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