Dezna is a locality situated in Arad county, with a population of 743 inhabitants.



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GPS Coordinates:
46.40632 N, 22.24395 E

The fortress of Dezna from the XIII century is situated on the Ozoiu hill (390 m). It was part of the western security system of Transylvania. After Ineu felt into the Turk's and (1566) the fortress of Dezna was strengthened: it was built the bastion from the north-eastern part, parallel walls made of stone. It was occupied by the Turks in 1574 and retaken by the Transylvanians in 1596. The year 1658 had taken a new Turks occupy after what the fortress disappeared as fortification as a result of a probable explosion. There still remained three walls, the contour of the interior yard and fragments of the fortification of the fortress.

The Orthodox Church from the center seemed to be built on the ruins of a roman building. Above the thick walls there is a wooden arch. The painting of the arch and the one from the iconostasis were realized in the XVII - XVIII century

In the settlement there is a student camp placed together with the collage of the scool in a castle built in neo-classic style in the first part of the XIX century. Recently, through the construction of the bungalows the capacity of the camp was enlarged.

Dezna, Dezna Dezna, Dezna
Dezna, Dezna Dezna, Dezna Dezna, Dezna

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