Mocrea is a locality situated in Arad county, with a population of 883 inhabitants.



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GPS Coordinates:
46.38683 N, 21.82076 E

Settlement that trots out with a huge cellar digged in a cliff built in 1636 by the count of Transylvania Gheorghe Rakoczi as wine-vault. It has a surface of 795 m2 and a capacity of 6-7 thousands hl and it's the biggest cellar of the county. It is divided in compartments and it has an ingenious ventilating system through holes in rock. The castle of baron Solymosi built in 1834 today gives place to the hospital. It is surrounded by a beautiful park of 6 hectares with rare species of arbores. At Mocrea there is also medicinal water in present unexplored. Thousands of people fill their pots daily as the access is free.

Mocrea, Mocrea Mocrea, Mocrea

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