Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.


Interactive map of Oradea

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The Roman-Catholic Basilica The Canon's Row The Roman-Catholic Bishop Palace The Greek Catholic Bishop Palace The Church of the Premonstatense Order Church with Moon The Astoria Hotel The Theatre The Bazar The City Hall The Black Eagle Palace Deutsch house Vila Füchsl The Ulmann Palace The Poinar Palace The Zion Neological Synagogue The Orthodox Synagogues The Fortress of The medical Faculty The Olosig Roman-Catholic church The Palace of Public Finances Church of the Order of Mercy The Orthodox Bishop Vila Okányi-Schwarz The Apollo Palace The Moskovits Palace Stern palace Rimanóczy palace The Tribunal The Ady Memorial museum The Ursulina's Complex The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church The Monastery of The Capucin Order The St. Mihail and Gavril Orthodox Church The Evangelical Church The Reformed Church The St. Ladisla's church Sf. Ierarh Nicolae Orthodox Church Satu Mare 130 km Budapest: 250 km Cluj: 150 km Băile Felix: 10 km, Deva: 180 km Arad: 110 km Look-out

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