Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.


Vial Trade SRL


Șoseaua Borșului nr.45

Tel. 0040-259-428-362 (RO, HU, EN, IT)

Fax. 0040-259-428-585

E-mail: vial@rdslink.ro

Administrator: Varga Viorel Constantin

Distribution area Bihor
Distribution cars 5t.................1



Dacie papuc....3

Number of agents


Selling director

6, with auto

2, with auto

1, with auto

Number of clients 950
Number of suppliers 10
Commertial chain local
Depositing surface 2200 sqm
Depositing volume 6000 stere

Vial Trade SRL is authorized distributor in Bihor county of the folowing suppliers: Atifco, Dr. Oetker, Interstar, Kandia-Excelent, La Dorna, Loulis Group, Martyber, Pan Group, Rostar, Royal Brinkers and Scandia

Drops and chocolate Laura, Photo: WR Drops and chocolate Kandia, Photo: WR
Chocolate, drops Anda, Măgura nice-cake, Photo: WR Caramels, sweets Yoyo, diabetic sweets, Photo: WR Ice-powder, cream light, Photo: WR

Chocolate Kandia

Chocolate Laura

Caramels, sweets

Diabetic sweets


Dr. Oetker, Cosmin products, Photo: WR Dr. Oetker, Cosmin products, Photo: WR Dr. Oetker, Cosmin products, Photo: WR

Dr. Oetker products

Custard-powder Cosmin

Esents, aromas


Biscuits Rostar

Musli, esents, aromas, Photo: WR Biscuits, eugenia Rostar, Photo: WR Biscuits Rostar, Photo: WR
Biscuits Salatini, pretzel Capollini, Photo: WR Cornflakes, flour, semolina, maize flour, Photo: WR Paste Riva, Photo: WR Paste Martyber, Photo: WR

Biscuits Salatini

Mayonnaise, horseradish

Flour Ola and Titan

Paste Riva

Paste Martyber

Margarine Holland, Linco, Unirea, mustard, Photo: WR Dorna dairy products, Photo: WR Barley, bean, rice, sardine, zahăr, halva, Photo: WR Ciorba, meat, Vienna sausage conserves, Photo: WR Pates, Photo: WR

Margarine Holland, Linco, Unirea

Dorna products

Atifco products

Scandia products

Pates Bucegi, Sibiu, Sadu

Denim products, insecticide, condoms, Photo: WR Sanitary pads, nappy, napkins, Photo: WR Detergents, softeners, bleaches, Photo: WR

Denim products

Insecticide Aroxol

Condom Love Plus

Nappy Daipers and Megaform

Napkins Baby Care and Wet Hankies

Sanitary pads Every Day

Detergent and softener Snow

WC Peak products

Trim products

Rivex products

WC Peak products, Photo: WR Trim products, Photo: WR Rivex products, Photo: WR

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