Sinaia is a city in Prahova County and has 10.410 inhabitants.


Sinaia, Foisor Hunting House

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45.36135 N, 25.53600 E

Return of the Royal Family

The hunting house with its 43 rooms was the Romanian kings' favourite place. It was built earlier than Peles castle, thus it served as provisional residence to king Carol and queen Elisabeth untill completion of Peles castle, as well as to king Ferdinand and queen Mary till Pelisor castle was ready. King Carol II also lived here during his rule over Roamnia in between 1930-1940. The hounting house standing today has suffered many changes since than. During the rule of Carol II the original house burnt down, and was rebuilt in between 1932-1933. The Communist regime brought another wing to the building. Today the castle with its offices, parlors, fancy living-rooms, and even a theatre room bleongs to the Romanian state and is used exclusivelly for protocol purposes. Visitors are not allowed inside!

Foisor Hunting House Foisor Hunting House
Foisor Hunting House Foisor Hunting House

The pictures were put at our disposition by the owners: the Sinaia Representation and Protocol branch of the State Protocol and Property Agency. Thank you.

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