Arad is the capital city of Arad County and has 159.074 inhabitants.


The Old and the New Theatre

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The old theatre one of the oldest theatres of South-Eastern Europe was probably built between 1817 and 1818 in baroque style by Jakob Hirschl, salesman of Arad emanated from Vienna. Here is the only rigging-loft of the country. At the beginning played German and Hungarian ensembles or fit-up companies in the hall thus Déryné Széppataki Róza (1793-1872) as well, one of the most legendary personalities of Hungarian acting. The marble-table remaining the glorify past of acting has already been fetched off from the theatre wall. After building up the new theater (1874) the old theater had been transformed into a property-room then in 1907 here was opened the first permanent movie the Urania what functioned up to 1967. The building that was proclaimed monument hasn't been renewed.

In 1868 the leaders of the city decided to build a new city-hall and theater. So in 1872 they started and in 1874 they showed up the three storied neo-classic building. Its huge public enclosure was able to accept 1200 persons. At the opening was presented Ferenc József himself as well. After seven years from the inauguration the building took fire and its rebuilding was committed to Halmay Andor architect. The actual main-hall has 562 seats. To its ensemble there was joined in 1945 a Romanian side as well.

The local, national and foreigner ensembles played very many, gorgeous plays on this stage. Between the two world wars in the front side of the building there functioned the "Palace" restaurant beloved by the local citizens. The State Theatre was founded in 1948 and in 1949 the Hungarian section was liquidated. In 1959 after another fire the building was rebuilt and then got its fašade decorated with embossments. Since 1967 in a small hall of the theatre also has functioned a Studio stage as well.

The Old Theatre Theatre, Photo: WR
Theatre, Photo: WR Theatre, Photo: WR Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre, Photo: WR
Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre, Photo: Adrian Husa Theatre, Photo: Adrian Husa Theatre, Photo: Adrian Husa

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