Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.



Grilled Vegetables/200g 7.00 Lei
Potatoes with smoked sausage/200g 8.80 Lei
Bridge garnish/200gr 6.50 Lei
Assorted vegetables/250gr 6.50 Lei
Potato croquettes with cheese/250g 7.00 Lei
Golden fries/200gr 6.10 Lei
French fries/200gr 6.10 Lei
Natural potatoes with parsley/300gr 5.20 Lei
Dumplings/130gr 5.50 Lei
Mixed garnish/250gr 5.50 Lei
Mashed potatoes/300gr 5.50 Lei
Boiled rice/200gr 5.50 Lei
Serbian rice/200gr 5.90 Lei
Rizi-bizi/200gr 5.50 Lei
Samp/320gr 6.50 Lei
Mushrooms saute /250gr 7.80 Lei
Baked beans/350g 3.10 Lei

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