Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.


Pork disches

Moldova pork chop/400gr 26.60 Lei
Country style pork chop/170gr 17.30 Lei
Pig Purse/250gr 17.80 Lei
Pork hand with bean dish and chili/450gr 18.20 Lei
Smoked pork with sauce Bridge/200gr 14.80 Lei
Pork chop filled with cheese and ham/180gr 15.20 Lei
Gipsy pork chop/180gr 15.20 Lei
Pork chop Chartquiter/250gr 19.20 Lei
Pork chop a la Magyarovari/170gr 15.20 Lei
Pork chop with garlic sauce/180gr 15.20 Lei
Pork chop with cheese sauce/180gr 16.00 Lei
Pork Lion/250gr 17.30 Lei
Pork chop filled with chicken breast/300gr 14.20 Lei
Grilled pork chop/170gr 12.80 Lei
Brasovian stew/180gr 16.90 Lei
Escalop Zingara/180gr 15.80 Lei
Grilled pork neck/170gr 12.30 Lei
Neck with rosemary/180gr 14.20 Lei
Gypsy Pork neck/180gr 15.90 Lei
Pork neck with mustard sauce/200gr 12.20 Lei
Peasant stew/300gr 21.50 Lei
Chop with bacon stuffed with cheese/250gr 15.50 Lei
Baked pork with chilli/450gr 16.20 Lei
Smoked pork bone with sauce Bridge/300gr 13.80 Lei
Pork neck with apple sauce/250gr 18.00 Lei
Pork steak feathered with bacon/250gr 16.50 Lei
Chilli corn pork/400gr 17.00 Lei
Pork chop with mushrooms/180gr 15.30 Lei
Assorted skewers/170gr 18.00 Lei

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