Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.


Chicken and turkey dishes

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GPS Coordinates:
47.05481 N, 21.93464 E

Turkey breast with mushroom sauce/180gr 14.30 Lei
Turkey breast filled with cheese and ham/180gr 15.20 Lei
Chicken stew with mushrooms/170gr 15.30 Lei
Chicken breast with garlic sauce/170gr 14.90 Lei
Chicken breast with cheese sauce/170gr 14.90 Lei
Mexican chicken breast/180gr 11.90 Lei
Turkey breast natur/150gr 14.90 Lei
Fried turkey breast/150gr 13.90 Lei
Grilled turkey breast/150gr 13.80 Lei
Boneless Chicken with hot sauce/200gr 15.30 Lei
Grilled chicken breast/150gr 13.30 Lei
Gyros a la Bridge/170gr 13.80 Lei
Chicken liver stew/250gr 15.70 Lei
Grilled chicken wings/5pcs 1.20 Lei
Chicken breast with gorgonzola/170gr 13.90 Lei
Chicken with sweet and lemon sauce/170gr 13.90 Lei
Stuffed chicken breast with tomato and mozzarella/170gr 14.50 Lei

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