Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.



French pressed cheese with tartar sauce/180gr 10.15 Lei
French mushrooms/180gr 7.85 Lei
Beef Steak with tartar sauce/200 gr 15.70 Lei
Pancakes filled with meat/200gr 7.85 Lei
Sour cream/150gr 1.60 Lei
Bacon, smoked/150g 3.80 Lei
Bakon/100gr 3.80 Lei
Cheese/100gr 3.80 Lei
Olives/100gr 3.80 Lei
Salted cheese/100gr 3.80 Lei
Garlik sauce/100gr 1.50 Lei
Ketchup/100gr 1.50 Lei
French pressed cheese/180gr 9.35 Lei
Spaghetti milanese/250gr 6.75 Lei
Spaghetti bolognese/250gr 8.75 Lei
Corn mush with pressed cheese and cream/250gr 5.95 Lei
Vegetarian dish/250gr 8.45 Lei
Fry potatoes with pressed cheese/250gr 3.70 Lei
Cauliflower fried in breadcrumbs with sauce/200gr 6.45 Lei
Mixed salad with chicken breast/200gr 6.80 Lei
Mixed salad with bacon/200gr 6.80 Lei

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