Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and has 196.367 inhabitants.


Menu - Restaurant Royal

Boiled Vienna sausage with mustard/150gr 5.45 Lei
Boiled sausage with mustard/150gr 5.45 Lei
Omlette/150gr 3.70 Lei
Omlette with french pressed cheese, mushrooms, ham/180gr 4.80 Lei
French pressed cheese with tartar sauce/180gr 10.15 Lei
French mushrooms/180gr 7.85 Lei
Beef Steak with tartar sauce/200 gr 15.70 Lei
Pancakes filled with meat/200gr 7.85 Lei
Sour cream/150gr 1.60 Lei
Bacon, smoked/150g 3.80 Lei
Bakon/100gr 3.80 Lei
Cheese/100gr 3.80 Lei
Olives/100gr 3.80 Lei
Salted cheese/100gr 3.80 Lei
Garlik sauce/100gr 1.50 Lei
Ketchup/100gr 1.50 Lei
French pressed cheese/180gr 9.35 Lei
Spaghetti milanese/250gr 6.75 Lei
Spaghetti bolognese/250gr 8.75 Lei
Corn mush with pressed cheese and cream/250gr 5.95 Lei
Vegetarian dish/250gr 8.45 Lei
Fry potatoes with pressed cheese/250gr 3.70 Lei
Cauliflower fried in breadcrumbs with sauce/200gr 6.45 Lei
Mixed salad with chicken breast/200gr 6.80 Lei
Mixed salad with bacon/200gr 6.80 Lei
Hen soup/300gr 3.50 Lei
Country style sour soup/300gr 3.50 Lei
Tripe soup/300gr 4.80 Lei
Sour soup with minced meat balls/300gr 3.50 Lei
Goulash/300gr 3.50 Lei
Bean goulash/300gr 4.50 Lei
Veal soup/300gr 3.50 Lei
Chicken disches
Chicken breast with mushrooms sauce/300gr 13.00 Lei
Chicken breast a la Kiev/250gr 13.00 Lei
Parisian chicken breast/200gr 12.50 Lei
Parisian breast of chicken a la Royal/200gr

(Parisian breast of chicken with cornflakes)

12.50 Lei
Viennese chicken breast/200gr 12.50 Lei
Grilled chicken breast 10.50 Lei
Transylvanian on spit roasted chicken breast /200gr 10.50 Lei
Alexander Chicken breast

(Filed with pressed cheese and liver)

13.00 Lei
Chicken dish with dumplings/200gr 13.50 Lei
Frenc chicken joint/200gr 10.50 Lei
Fry chicken livers/200gr 8.70 Lei
Chicken livers in own sauce/200gr 9.20 Lei
Kentaky chicken/200gr

(Chicken in cornflakes)

12.50 Lei
Medallion Royal of chicken breast/200gr 13.00 Lei
Gordon bleu chicken of breast/200gr 13.00 Lei
Orly chicken breast/200gr

(chicken breast, paste with beer)

12.50 Lei
Chicken breast with letcho/200gr

(Boneles chicken breast, letcho)

12.50 Lei
Fish meals disches
Fried trouts with spicy butter/200gr 12.35 Lei
Carp/200gr 12.35 Lei
Carp/200gr 12.35 Lei
Zander/200gr 18.50 Lei
Pasta disches
Pasta with dilled curds/180gr 5.95 Lei
Vermicelli dusted with ground walnuts/180gr 5.95 Lei
Pork disches
Grilled pork chop/200gr 12.50 Lei
Grilled pork steak/200gr 13.00 Lei
Grilled pork scruff/200gr 12.50 Lei
Vieneze schnitzel/200gr 13.00 Lei
Parisian schnitzel/200gr 13.00 Lei
Palermo schnitzel/200gr 13.00 Lei
Gordon bleau/250gr 14.50 Lei
Royal medallion/250gr

(streak, mushrooms, ham, pressed cheese)

14.50 Lei
Bakony fillet/200gr

(Grilled steak with mushroom sauce, paprika and dumplings)

15.50 Lei
Grilled pork scruff/160gr 13.00 Lei
Spits/200gr 12.50 Lei
Royal stew/160g 15.50 Lei
Brasovian stew/250gr 14.50 Lei
Beans dish with hand of pork/200gr 13.00 Lei
Schnitzel Borzos /200gr 14.00 Lei
Vasi roast

(Chop, meal, paprika, galik)

12.50 Lei
Escalop Zingara/200gr

(Chop, mushroom, ham of Prague)

14.50 Lei
Gocsei chop

Chop, letcho, dumplings with eggs)

15.50 Lei
Royal cutlet

(Chop, boiled and smoked ham, pasta with beer)

14.00 Lei
Hungarian médaillons of fillet/200gr

(Medallions of fillet, chips, letcho)

15.50 Lei
Transylvanian stuffed cabbage/400gr 8.15 Lei
Beef disches
Grilled beef steak/200gr 18.70 Lei
Beef steak with eggs/200gr 19.40 Lei
Stroganoff beef steak/200gr 19.40 Lei
Budapest beef steak 21.80 Lei
Beef rib roast with spicy mushrooms sauce/200gr 19.40 Lei
Beef rib roast with onion/200gr 19.40 Lei
Chateaubriand (Grilled beef steak) 33.50 Lei
Beef-stew with paprika/200gr 15.20 Lei
Tuslama/200 gr 14.00 Lei
Turnedo Rossini/250gr

(Sirloin steak, chicken liver, mushroom, brown sauce)

21.80 Lei
Stew of sirloin with red wine/250gr

(Sirloin, mushroom, red wine)

21.80 Lei
Ox-tongue with mushrooms sauce with potato purée/400gr 15.20 Lei
Chetstnut puree with whippwd cream/0,60gr 4.80 Lei
Fruit salad with whippwd cream/0,80gr 4.80 Lei
Pancakes with chocolate/150gr 4.00 Lei
Pancakes with jam/150gr 4.00 Lei
Gundel pancakes/180gr 5.50 Lei
Pancake with curds/150gr 4.50 Lei
Pancake with chestnut puree, whipped cream and chocolate/180gr 5.50 Lei
Golden papatoes/200gr 2.90 Lei
French fries/200gr 2.90 Lei
Boiled potatoes/200gr 2.90 Lei
Nashed potatoes/200gr 2.90 Lei
Rizi-bizi/200gr 2.90 Lei
Dumplings/200gr 2.90 Lei
Maize porridge/200gr 2.90 Lei
Salade Parisian/200gr 3.90 Lei
Asortat garnish/150g 3.60 Lei
French beans dish/200g 3.80 Lei
Paste with cabbage/250g 5.95 Lei
Litle paste/200gr 3.80 Lei
Peans dish/200gr 3.80 Lei
Dill sauce 2.90 Lei
Tartar sauce/150gr 2.90 Lei
Mushrooms sauce with paprika and cream/150gr 2.90 Lei
Spicy sauce/150gr 2.90 Lei
Cabbage salad/150gr 1.50 Lei
Lettuce salad/150gr 1.50 Lei
Sugar beet salad/150gr 1.50 Lei
Pickled cucumbers/150gr 2.50 Lei
Tatziky salad (Joghurt, cucumber, garlic)/200gr 2.50 Lei
Tomato salad/150gr 2.00 Lei
Cucumber salad/150gr 2.00 Lei
Greek salad/200gr 3.50 Lei
Roast pepper/200gr 2.50 Lei
Asorted salad/150gr 2.50 Lei
Turkey disches
Grilled turkey breast/200gr 8.95 Lei
Transylvanian on spit roasted turkey breast /200gr 8.95 Lei
Medallion Royal of turkey breast/200gr 9.35 Lei
Gordon bleu of turkey breast/250gr 9.35 Lei
Vienese turkey breast/200gr 9.35 Lei
Parisian turkey breast/200gr 9.35 Lei
Turkey breast with outlaw procedure/250gr

(With susage and bacon)

9.35 Lei
Assorted roasts
Transilvanian roast/200gr

(Pork and veal chop, beef steak)

13.50 Lei
Balkan roast for 2 persons/360gr

(Steak, chop, grilled minced)

28.00 Lei
Royal tray for 2 persons/360gr

(Chop filled with ham and cheese, chop with paprika and garlic)

28.00 Lei
Grilled minced meat rolls/0,50gr 1.70 Lei

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