Pădurea Craiului mountains is located in the West Carpathian, in the north-west of the Apuseni Mountains

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Pădurea Craiului mountains

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The Western Mountains North-Western "island" is the Pădurea Craiului Mountain, which is a huge territory with peaks and valleys, lying between the Vad-Bodrog and the Beius basins. Its highest peak is the Moon-Rocking, 1027m. It is a carstic mountain, with melting rocks, which have diverse shapes, forming a real wonderland for tourists. Carstic plateaus, wild valleys, caves, water break-outs and sinkholes await people here. The small hills are various and numerous here, (100/1,5 km2 in Mnierei valley) appealing to many who discovered the caves and the channels underground.

The "cave world" of Pădurea Craiului has been even more interesting since 1957, since the discovery of the Vântului Cave. This has only intensified, as in 1965 some imprints of Neanderthal man were discovered in the Ciur Izbuc cave. Nowadays there are 340 caves and vertical caves registered here.

Marked roads are the followings: Vadu Crișului, Suncuius, Lesu lake and in the surroundings of Meziad. There are several appealing zones, which are not marked yet. If we embark on a venture we should not forget a map, compass and if there is any problem, call the 112 or 0 SALVAMONT numbers!

Stanul Ciuții, Photo: Carmen Avram The left side tour, Photo: WR
Cutilor Gorge, Photo: Tőrös Víg Csaba Izbândiș cave, Photo: Kis Zsigmond Lazuri Gorge, Photo: WR The right side tour, Photo: WR Emergence Izbandis, Photo: Nicolae Tăușdea Roșia, Photo: Tőrös Víg Csaba Leșu valey, Photo: Vasile Coancă Biserica din Lunca Acră cave, Photo: Vasile Coancă Moanei cave, Photo: WR
Ciur Ponor cave, Photo: Cristina Ianc Betfia Vertical Cave, Photo: Csáki Károly Șura Ușorilor, Photo: WR Lesu Lake, Photo: Hám Péter Vida lake, Photo: Tőrös Víg Csaba To the Batranului cave, Photo: WR The Meziad cave, Photo: Nicolae Moldoveanu Leșu lake - Meziad cave, Photo: WR Fiului cave, Photo: Szikszai László
Craiului Cave, Photo: Dezideriu Szabo Jofi cave, Photo: Sebastian Ene Ciur Izbuc cave, Photo: Tőrös Víg Csaba Vântului cave, Photo: Kis Zsigmond Dobos Cave, Photo: Dezideriu Szabo Farcu cave, Photo: Cristina Ianc Stanul Foncii vertical cave, Photo: Cristina Ianc

Vasile Coanca has given us a considerable support in creating the pages about the Pădurea Craiului Mountain.

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