Sibiu is the capital city of Sibiu County and has 147.226 inhabitants.


Sibiu, Steam-engine Museum

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GPS Coordinates:
45.79619 N, 24.16811 E

The steal monsters are surrounded by a particular nostalgia. The passenger carriages were the end of the XIXth century, beginning of the XXth centuries fastest and most comfortable transport accommodations. The museum opened in 1994 with 40 steam engines. The engines were made in Germany, the United States of America, Hungary, Poland and Romania between the years 1885-1959. Two of them are still operable today.

Sibiu european capital of culture 2007 1921; Skoda Pilzen
1920; Baldwin Works L.T.D. Philadelphia U.S.A 1937; Uzinele and Domeniile Regale Reșița 1939; Florisdorff 1922; Henschel & Sohn, Cassel 1935; Uzinele si Domeniile Regale Reșița 1921; Henschel & Sohn, Cassel 1911; M.A.V. Budapest 1896; Wiener-Neustadt 1885; Wiener Neustadt
1908; Bosig-Berlin 1950; Uzinele 23 August

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