Sibiu is the capital city of Sibiu County and has 147.226 inhabitants.


Sibiu, Brukenthal Museum

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Baron Samuel Brukenthal, son of Michael Breckner, became governor of Transylvania in 1777 because of his frankness and firm actions. He built Brukenthal palace between 1778-1788 out of the large amount of money received from the empress, because he was chivalrious regarding her, from his own fortune and that of his wife. He also establishes in 1790 a great picture-gallery, 3 years before the Louvre was opened. The 1090 Dutch, Flemish, German, Austrian and Italian masterworks make this baroque collection one of the largest in Central and East Europe. According to his will, the palace became a museum and it belong to the Evangelical Church. The art treasure and its thousands of volumes library was the ground stone of the museum. In 1946 during the nationalization the most valuable 19 paintings out of 11 thousand were taken to Bucharest and in the 80's they had been assessed to the Art museum without erasing the registration from the Brukenthal palace. Since 1989 the Evangelical Church and the Romanian German Democrat Forum are asking for the paintings but without any result. According to laws concerning church benefices the Evangelical Church already regained ownership of the palace, there is some more paperwork to be done, but the people from Sibiu are boasting with regaining the paintings from Bucharest after 60 years.

Sibiu european capital of culture 2007 Brukenthal Palace
Brukenthal Palace Brukenthal Palace Brukenthal Palace Brukenthal Painting Collection, Anonim: Samuel von Brukenthal Brukenthal Painting Collection, Rosalba Carriera: Portrait of a Lady Brukenthal Painting Collection, jr.Martin van Meytens: Empress Maria Theresia Brukenthal Painting Collection, Tiziano Vecellio da Cadore: Ecce Homo Brukenthal Painting Collection, Michael Sittow: Portrait of a man with a skull Brukenthal Palace
Brukenthal Palace Brukenthal Palace, The Library Returned pictures

Open hours:

Wednesday - Sunday 9.00-17.00 ( winter 10.00-16.00)


tel: 0040-269-217-691; 0040-369-101-780

fax: 0040-269-211-545


It is recommended that groups of more than 20 book their visit.

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