Retezat Mountains are located in the western of the South Carpathians, being known by varied flora and myriad lakes.


Baleia - Vârful Mare saddle

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GPS Coordinates:
45.39146 N, 22.94949 E

Duration: 4 1/2 - 5 h
Length:11 km
Height difference: +1010 m / -80 m
Note: Dangerous in the winter

The red band marked route starts from the former Baleia Chalet, where it can be reached from the localities at the foot of the Retezat Massif. The path starts right in front of the cottage, and climbs through the forest along with the blue triangle on the top of Mount Baleia. After 30 minutes we reach the big glade, from where we start a more steep climb and reach the Cozmei climbing peak at about 1800m. From here you can climb the peak (1861m) for beautiful panoramas. From the top we return to the trail and head for Gorovii Saddle. He's leaving us in the saddle

Baleia hostel - Peleaga glade

There is a tedious climb on Gorovii peak (1968m). From the top we descend a little, follow the swampy area, pass over the Lanciáa I peak, and after a slabs field we reach the plateau of the Lăncița saddle. From the saddle we climb Lancita II, where we get to the Lăncița II saddle, guarded by Lake peak (2305m). The trail cuts the side of this peak briefly and takes us to the Lake saddle, from where a beautiful view opens to the Tapu valley and to the Vasiel's valley. A last climb of approx. The 70m level difference takes us to the Vűrful Mare peak (2345m), where we descend into the peak saddle. Here we come:

Vf. Mare saddle - Pelegii saddle Pietrele - Vârful Mare Balea, the former cottage, Photo: Florin Hălăștăuan Upstairs from Baleia, Photo: Cosmin Manci
Gorova saddle, Photo: Florin Hălăștăuan Gorova Saddle, marker bifurcation, Photo: Florin Hălăștăuan On the way, Photo: Florin Hălăștăuan Vârful Mare saddle, Photo: Florin Hălăștăuan Vârful Mare, Photo: Cosmin Manci Vârful Mare, Photo: Dan Harabagiu Țapu lake, Photo: Mihai Bursesc Țapu lake, Photo: Mihai Bursesc

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