Retezat Mountains are located in the western of the South Carpathians, being known by varied flora and myriad lakes.


Retezat mountain

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The Retezat Mountains - the jewel of the Carpathian Arch, stretches over 38,138 hectares. Whoever has ever been here will certainly not forget the serenity, the wild, the huge amount of woods that overgrown even the highest peaks, the brilliant lakes and countless species of rare plants and animals that have their last dwelling place here. Only the true tourists come here, say the saviors, because there is no cable car, nor the alpine road, possibly some forest drums at the foot of the massif. This is where the backpack comes with the boots in his feet, and with arranged thoughts, as the trails cross an area whose protection was set in 1935! It was then declared a national park. An area of 1932 ha is scientific reservation. We will follow Emil Racovita, among the more than 1100 plant species, of which 90 live only in Retezat, among the thousands and thousands of creatures that stomp through the stones in the standing or flowing waters or in the air ... because here they found a paradise of heaven. We are entering a wild area, we have no right to change it, so we have to be caring and vigilant. The rescuers have asked us to pass here and 112 or 0SALVAMONT, which can be called in case of need. And some advice came especially for those who go to Retezatul Mic, where we can meet with vipers. Tour groups have a bunch of them. It is a vacumatic syringe that extracts the venom, it is not altering and costs only 25 euros! And let's not forget either the raincoat or the thick clothes because the altitudes vary between 790 and 2509 m. It has 20 peaks over 2200 m and over 80 lakes, of which Bucura (at 2041 m) with its surface area of 8 , 86 ha is the largest, and Zanoaga, with its 29 m, is the deepest lake. In the limestone area there are caves and avenues, the favorite place of the 19 species of bats that live in Retezat. The park's limit is properly signaled, it is good to read the panels, so we do not get in bad situations (Rangers, that is, the guards do not sleep!) I passed the map and the camping sites. And another final tip: do not forget the cameras at home!

Bucura lake, Photo: Gianina Stepan Retezat peak, Photo: Alin Iliuță
Difference of 1m Peleaga-Păpușa, Photo: Dan Harabagiu Gura Apei, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe Galeșu from Porțile Închise, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe Creasta to Griuniu, Lazaru, Văcarea peaks, Photo: Bogdan Danciu Cutoanea or Bisericuța, Photo: Bogdan Danciu Pietrele lake and Bucura peak, Photo: Richard Hoffmann The ridge to Judea, Photo: Anreea varjoghe Edelweiss, Photo: Cosmin Manci Porții lake and Judele peak, Photo: Dan harabagiu
Lolaia waterfall, Photo: Petrescu Nicolae Pelegii saddle from Custurii saddle, Photo: Dan Harabagiu Cabana Buta, Photo: Florina Crișan Bucura II peak, Photo: Alin Iliuță Tăul cu brazi, Photo: Mihai Bursesc

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