Retezat Mountains are located in the western of the South Carpathians, being known by varied flora and myriad lakes.


Retezat peak - Peleaga saddle

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GPS Coordinates:
45.36809 N, 22.88790 E

Duration: 4-5 h
Length:6.5 km
Height difference: +575 m / -750
Note: Dangerous in the winter

We follow the red band, yellow band and blue triangle on the trail that descends on the big slabs in Retezat's saddle. In the saddle we leave the blue triangle.


We enter the Retezat's Custura, which is dripping on the side of the Stanisoara valley, and more welcoming to the Stirbu's vallley. After approx. 15 minutes, at an altitude of 2350m, at steep, the trail branches. We're leaving the yellow band

Bucura Lake - Retezat peak

Our track follows the ridge and climbs the small and unstable slabs on the top of Bucura I (2433m) where we can enjoy for an exceptional panorama! From here, we go a little bit over pass the top of Bucura II. (2372m), from where we will have a panorama of the Pietrele valley. At the descent we will avoid the southern slope, the upper end of the Strungi Bucurei II, and descend into the Bucura valley (2206m). Here we meet with

Pietrele-Bucura lake

Continue to E and climb the Custura Bucurei (2370m). From here we go down the edge of the peak to the saddle and enter the area of the Colții Pelegii, the main attraction of the massif. At the end of this area with lathes and massive towers follows a rough climb up to Peelegii peak (2509m). Here we meet:

Bucura lake - Custura peak

Guided by the yellow cross we descend into the Peleaga saddle. Here we meet

Galeș Lake - Pelegii saddle vf. Mare saddle - Pelegii saddle truth the Closed Gate Pietrele lodge - Peleaga saddle Peleaga glade - Peleaga saddle Retezat peak, Photo: Alin Iliuță Retezat, Photo: Dragoș Lică
Retezat, Photo: Radu Dârlea Retezat peak, Photo: Sanda Sorin Skier on top of Retezat, Photo: Daniel Bal Descend in the Retezat saddle, Photo: Radu Dârlea Retezat saddle, Photo: PNR Retezat saddle, Photo: Petrescu Nicolae Panorama of the Custura Retezat, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe Peaks Bucura I., Bucura II.and Retezat, Photo: Dan Harabagiu Bucura I.peak, Photo: Dan Harabagiu
Bucura saddle, Photo: Ambrus Tibor Bucura saddle, Photo: Ambrus Tibor Between the Bucura saddle and  Bucura II peak, Photo: Alin Iliuță Bucura valley, Photo: Ambrus Tibor Bucura II, Photo: Sorin Sanda Bucura II peak, Photo: Alin Iliuță Bucura II and Retezat peaks, Photo: Cătălin Lucan Bucura valley, Photo: Dan Mazilu Blue band, Pietrele valley, Photo: Dan Harabagiu
Custura Bucura near the Pelegii Colts, Photo: Alin Iliuță To the Colții Pelegii, Photo: Gianina Stepan Colții Pelegii in wintwr, Photo: Gianina Stepan On his way to Peleaga, Photo: Dan Mazilu Colții Pelegii and Peleaga peak, Photo: Ovidiu Nicorici Peleaga peak with yellow cross, Photo: Dan Mazilu Peleaga peak with yellow cross, Photo: Dan Mazilu Peleaga lake, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe Colții Pelegii in the morning, Photo: Harry Hirth
Colții Pelegii in the afternoon, Photo: Harry Hirth Peleaga saddle, Photo: Dan Harabagiu

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