Retezat Mountains are located in the western of the South Carpathians, being known by varied flora and myriad lakes.


Bucura Lake-Câmpul lui Neag

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GPS Coordinates:
45.35068 N, 22.88246 E

Duration: 7 - 8
Length: 23 km
Height difference: +450 m / -1700m
Note: Recommended on summer
Bucura Lake, Photo: Radu Dârlea Bucura Lake, Photo: Marian Ghibu
We leave Bucura cauldron, Photo: Radu Dârlea

Occasionally there are two route signs. We soon reach the path which turns right and leads to lake Lia. We keep descending and arrive at Peleaga clearing (1610m.) We descend into the creek bed and continue out trip on the opposite side in the direction of the La Scorțar sheep-fold.

Path to Peleaga clearing, Photo: Marian Ghibu Pelegii valley, Photo: Radu Dârlea Peleaga clearing, Photo: Radu Dârlea Peleaga clearing, Photo: Cosmin Manci Peleaga clearing, Loc de campare, Photo: Florina Crișan Peleaga clearing, Photo: Marian Ghibu Bifurcația, Photo: Marian Ghibu On the way to Plaiul Mic, Photo: Alin Ivașcu
Bucura Lake - Câmpul lui Neag hiking trail, Retezat mountains, Photo: Marian Ghibu View from the road, Photo: Marian Ghibu

From here goes

Poiana Pelegii - Gura Apei

The route sign leads us behind the sheep-fold and we begin a demanding ascent to Plaiul Mic saddle (1879m).

Ascent to Plaiul Mic saddle, Photo: Marian Ghibu Ascent to Plaiul Mic saddle, Photo: Marian Ghibu Plaiului Mic saddle, Photo: Marian Ghibu To the Piatra lui Iorgovan, Photo: Alin Ivașcu On the way between Buta és Poiana Pelegii, Photo: APNR

Here we intersect the red cross sign.

Paltina peak - Custura peak

The route sign travels south, descends into Plajul valley and a relatively mild ascent turns into a much more demanding serpentine path. The last section leading to Buta travels parallel to the creek. The lodge is at a distance of 1580m. It is a starting point for:

Piule-Pleșa ridge - Buta logde Scorota vale - Scorota saddle

We keep descending from the lodge, go by La Fete sheep-fold, and follow a tractor road to a place called La Beci.

Buta, Mountain rescue, Photo: Cosmin Manci Buta, Photo: Florina Crișan
Buta hostel Buta, Photo: Florina Crișan

We have 11km forest road ahead of us in the Buta valley, we go by Cheile Buții tourist complex and continue our trip in the Jiului valley until we arrive at Câmpul lui Neag (825m) settlement.

Complexul Cheile Buții Complexul Cheile Buții, Photo: PNR The valley towards Câmpul lui Neag Area specific regulationsl, Photo: Florina Crișan Retezatul Mic from Câmpul lui Neag, Photo: Florina Crișan

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