Retezat Mountains are located in the western of the South Carpathians, being known by varied flora and myriad lakes.


Pietrele-Stânișoarei vale-Retezat peak

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GPS Coordinates:
45.39302 N, 22.86268 E

Duration: 3-4 h
Length: 6 km
Height difference: +1000 m
Note: Practicable all the year

The trail marked with a triangle and a blue cross starts from Pietrele, crosses the glade, at the top end, approaches the stream and over 15 minutes passes the deck. After an easier climb we leave the blue cross

Pietrele - Râușor

We start the climb up to the glacier threshold. To the left of the trail, the stream descends in the waterfalls between the huge groves. We're crossing the area with big rock blocks, and jnepeni and we get to the next step.

The stream, Photo: Mihai Bursesc The glade, Photo: Diana Bălteanu
The glacier threshold, Photo: Bursesc Mihai Stânișoara, Photo: Alin Marinică The stream, Photo: Radu Dârlea Stânișoara lake, Photo: Herman László Jnepeni, Photo: Herman László Stânișoara lake, Photo: Mihai Bursesc Stânișoara lake, Photo: Tudor Predescu Stânișoara lake, Photo: Mihai Bursesc Stânișoara lake, Photo: Herman László
Stânișoara lake, Photo: Radu Dârlea The chimney, Photo: Radu Dârlea The climb in the chimney, Photo: Radu Dârlea

In a little while we have the choice, we go to the upper or lower one, which passes through the little key La Borduleț, then we go down to the Lunca Stânișoarei, we pass the water and an uphill takes us to Stănișoara Lake (2000m). From here we get into the rocky area without water. We arrive at the base of the Hornul Mare, from where you can see the zigzag of the path, which takes us to Retezat's saddle (2251m). Here are the:

Bucura Lake - Retezat peak Retezat peak - Peleaga saddle Retezat saddle, Photo: PNR Retezat saddle, Photo: Radu Dârlea Panorama from the saddle, Photo: Herman László Retezat and Lolaia peaks, Photo: Sorin Rechițan The Retezat peak from the Bucura saddle, Photo: Alin Marinică

From the saddle we join the yellow band mark, we have to climb the huge slabs approx. 30-40 minutes to the Retezat Peak (2482m). From here starts:

Râușor - Retezat peak Pietrele - Lolaia peak - Retezat peak Râușor - Retezat peak Retezat, Photo: Dragoș Lică
Ridge, Photo: Radu Dârlea Skier on Retezat Peak, Photo: Daniel Bal Retezat, Photo: Radu Dârlea

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