Retezat Mountains are located in the western of the South Carpathians, being known by varied flora and myriad lakes.


Bucura Lake-Retezat peak

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GPS Coordinates:
45.36711 N, 22.85878 E

Duration: 3 1/2 - 4 h
Length: 4.5 km
Height difference: +440 m
Note: Dangerous in the winter

The marked yellow band and red triangle trail starts next to the brook Bucurelu (2070m) and starts climbing up to Tăul Porții. On the shore of the lake, the two marks are separated.


The red point descends through the slabs, and we climb the Portii's shoulder. In a little while we get to a indicator , where we'll meet

Retezat peak - Peleaga saddle Bucura valey, Photo: Radu Dârlea In trail, Photo: Radu Dârlea
Tăul Porții, Photo: Dragoș Lică

This is where the red band joins us.

Tăul Porții, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe Tăul Porții, Photo: Dan Harabagiu From the shoulder Poríi you can see Lake Știrbu, Photo: Bartók Csaba Under Bucura 1, Photo: Bartók Csaba On the way, Photo: Harry Hirth Retezat's back, Photo: Bartók Csaba Custura Retezatului, Photo: Radu Dârlea Panorama on the road, Photo: Diana Bălteanu
Panorama custurii de pe Retezat, Photo: Andreea Varjoghe

We enter the Retezat's Custura, which is dripping on the side of the Stanisoara valley, and more welcoming to Stirbu's valley. We arrive in Retezat's saddle, where is a new crossroads.


To the Retezat Peak (2482m) we join the blue triangle. Headed by markings, we will climb slabs giants, approx. 30-40 minutes to the Retezat Peak. Here we meet

Retezat saddle, Photo: Petrescu Nicolae Retezat saddle, Photo: Radu Dârlea Climb the Retezat, Photo: Matei Domniță Retezat, Photo: Gianina Stepan Climb the Retezat, Photo: Diana Bălteanu Retezat, Photo: Dragoș Lică Retezat-Râușor Pietrele-Retezat peak

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