Hida is a locality situated in Sălaj county, with a population of 1067 inhabitants.



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GPS Coordinates:
47.06093 N, 23.30367 E

Hida is a locality certified since 1298. Almașul since that time was one of the Mykud lord's estates and he had a church. About the locality from Almașul valley not much is known because in 1944 the church's archives were burnt and thus much information about the locality's past. Hida with many more sights welcomes you.

Hida - Sights

Hida, Wooden church Hida, Reformed church Hida, Hatfaludy manor Hida, Devil's Rock reservation Hida, Mansion Hatfaludy, Photo: WR Hida , Photo: WR
Hida, Reformed church, Photo: Reformed church Hida, Wooden church, Photo: Bogdan Ilieș Hida, Wooden church, Photo: WR Hida , Photo: WR Hida, Mansion Hatfaludy, Photo: WR Hida, Wooden church, Photo: Valeria Lehene Hida, Reformed church, Photo: WR

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